A grant from the Yip Harburg Foundation

yiphome_2We are honored to have received a grant from The Yip Harburg foundation for "Like Any Other Kid." 

Yip Harburg was a poet and lyricist who worte over 600 songs including all the lyrics to The Wizard of Oz and several American standards such as Brother Can you Spare a Dime? and It's Only a Paper Moon."  He was also known as "Broadway's Social Conscience."

"Yip followed the dream of democratic socialism: He believed that all people should be guaranteed basic human rights, political equality, free education, economic opportunity and free health services. He spent most of his life fighting for these goals; his songs "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?" and "Over the Rainbow" express these universal cries for hope in hard times to all peoples." (quoted from www.yipharburg.com)

The foundation funds all types of projects, that, amongst other criteria, "works towards world peace" and "works to end social discrimination and exploitation, racial/ethnic conflicts and social injustice." We are pleased that the Yip Harburg Foundation recognizes that "Like Any Other Kid" fits within this criteria and is supporting our efforts to make this film a reality. 









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