Our Crew


Lila Yomtoob is a producer, a filmmaker, and former sound editor. Most recently she produced the marketing and distribution end of Hidden Battles for VSM Productions, spearheaded an outreach campaign for the national PBS broadcast of Mariachi High, and co-produced Foreclosure, starring Michael Imperioli. Her feature length directorial debut High Life premiered at San Francisco Indie Fest in 2005, and she has made several shorts that played in festivals across the country and have enjoyed popularity online. As a sound editor, she worked on over 40 feature films, docs and tv shows, garnering an Emmy Award for sound editing HBO’s Baghdad ER. She has several projects in development.


Carolina is a bilingual producer and editor with over 12 years of experience. Previously she was Field Producer for StoryCorps, a national oral history project that airs every Friday on NPR. She has edited and produced for broadcast networks such as PBS, FOX, Telesur, and Nickelodeon, including the Emmy Award winning PBS/WTIU children’s program Friday Zone. She also served as associate producer on Kathy Leichter’s documentary Here One Day  which premiered at IDFA in 2013 and Victoria Mills' Hidden Battles which travelled the festival circuit and is now being distributed by Filmakers Library. Carolina has a Masters in Media Studies from The New School University and graduated in Telecommunications from Indiana University. She is a member of the National Academy of Arts and Science and New York Women in Film and Television. Recent freelance clients include Dora the Explorer and USA De Verdad.


Hayley Downs is a documentary filmmaker, producer and fundraising/outreach consultant. In addition to Hidden Battles she Produced and Broadcast Edited Naturally Obsessed: the Making of a Scientist, a documentary about laboratory research by Dick and Carole Rifkind. Naturally Obsessed premiered on WNYC/Thirteen and is distributed by PBS International. Most recently she Produced J.L. Sert: A Nomadic Dream, a Spanish/U.S. co-production and directed by Pablo Bujosa.  Her installations and experimental films: Move, Coleslaw Wrestling and Boar Hog, exploring multi-generational Florida folk culture, have shown at underground film festivals including NY, Chicago and SF, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Miami and Art Basel. Her angst-filled teen journal was included in Mortified: Real Words, Real People, Real Pathetic, published by Simon Spotlight Entertainment.


Kathy Leichter is a documentary film producer and director, fundraising and outreach consultant and media activist. Leichter is directing and producing Here One Day, a documentary which follows Kathy’s quest to understand how living with her mother’s mental illness and losing her to suicide have impacted her as a woman, artist and ultimately as a mother. Previous films include, Passing On, the award-winning PBS documentary, A Day’s Work, a Day’s Pay, and has previously produced Spit it Out, and Mothers and Daughters: Mirrors that Bind. For more information about Leichter’s work please go to www.twosunsmedia.com.

danaeDirector of Photography

Jerusalem-born Danae Elon graduated from NYU in 1995, was the recipient of the Kodak National Cinematography and Tisch Achievement in Cinematography Awards. Her first documentary Never Again Forever participated in over 20 international festivals, broadcast on Austrian TV and won awards at the San Francisco and Chicago festivals. Her second film, Wild Mint, screened internationally, and Cut was broadcast on Israeli TV, winning a cinematography award at the Jerusalem Film Festival. Danae’s film, Another Road Home won numerous awards, was released theatrically in the United States in April 2005 and screened at many international festivals. Her latest feature documentary film Partly Private, premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and won Best New York Documentary.