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Veteran Resources

Hire a Hero

Iraq and Afghanastan Veterans of America (IAVA) 

Make The Connection 

Mesothelioma Veterans Center 

National Center for PTSD 

National Veteran's Foundation

Operation First Response 

Soldier’s Heart

The Recovery Village 

The Soldiers Project

Veteran's Education Project

Veteran's Quality of Life Access Network

Veterans For Peace

Welcome Back Veterans

Wounded Warrior Project

Suggested Reading & Films


Arna’s Children

Encounter Point

Leave No Soldier 

Let There Be Light


Soldiers of Conscience

The Good Soldier


A Terrible Love of War by James Hillman

A Time for Machetes: The Rawandan Genocide: The Killers Speak by Jean Hatzfeld

Hell Healing and Resistance: Veterans Speak by Daniel Hallock 

No More Heroes: Madness and Psychiatry In War by Richard A Gabriel

On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society by Dave Grossman

Palestine’s Children: Returning to Haifa and Other Stories by Ghassan Kanafani

Patriots: The Vietnam War Remembered from All Sides by Christian G Appy

Practicing Peace in Times of War by Pema Chondron 

The Lonely Soldier: The Private War of Women Serving Iraq by Helen Benedict

Triumph of the People: The Sandinista Revolution in Nicaragua by George Black

War and the Soul: Healing Our Nation's Veterans from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder by Edward Tick

War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning by Chris Hedges 

War Talk by Arundhati Roy

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