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Mothers & daughters: Mirrors that bind

Mothers and Daughters: Mirrors that Bind is a one-hour documentary that takes an unconventional look at the Mother-Daughter relationship, exploring the impact of that relationship on a woman's sense of her body, sexuality, and self-esteem. This documentary features interviews with women and girls of diverse ages, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds and aims to challenge stereotypes about the female experience and re-examine the traditional role of motherhood and women's self perceptions.

The film has screened at several festivals and educational institutions around the country, and won an honorable mention at the Columbus International Film Festival.

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2001 / English / 51 Min.

Director: Victoria Mills

Producer: Victoria Mills & Kathy Leichter

Cinematographer: Lila Yomtoob

Editor: Flavia Fontes

Music: Sarah Plant

Supervising Producer: Jennifer Fox


"This video offers a much-needed, fuller picture of the complexities of the mother/daughter relationship because it includes lesbians as mothers and daughters and lets them tell their own stories. It is a work that needs to be seen."

Terry Boggis

Director of Family Policy & Advocacy, The LGBT Community Center

awards + festivals

Honorable Mention
Columbus International Film and Video Festival
San Francisco Family Film Festival 
Official Selection
Official Selection
Phoenix Educational Film Festival
Official Selection
Columbus International Film and Video Festival

Daisy Aponte

MANA, National Latina Organization

"We loved it! Mothers and Daughters: Mirrors That Bind really got discussion going for our group – it was so wonderful to see teenagers and grandmothers crying, connecting, and communicating together about such an important issue." 

Judith Steinhart


Columbia University's Health Education Program

"Mothers and Daughters: Mirrors That Bind shakes up our sense of selves as women and as daughters, triggering insight, memories, and a chance to rethink our usual assesments of women, including ourselves, with humor and tenderness. The vignettes, from an educator’s standpoint, offer the opportunity to view the film separately with subsequent discussions, or in its entirety." 

A. Cantu

Video Librarian

"There's no arguing with this film's central premise – the bond between mother and daughter influences a woman in incalculable ways. A solid effort to strike a resonant chord in many female viewers, this is recommended."  
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